Having goats has been a dream of mine for several years. After much prayer and a lot of patience, my dream came true in the Spring of 2017. Finally, we were ready for goats! A really sweet mama goat and two kids were available. Because of the seemingly never ending wait, I named my doe, Longsuffering. Goldie, one of the kids, is just that; a beautiful golden color. Lucy…well, maybe that was just so my family wouldn’t call ME Lucy anymore. That had been a nickname my family good-naturedly teased me with for years stemming from an incident when I was younger.

   Some would say goats are stubborn and a nuisance. I say mine are a joy to be around…fun and playful…sweet and full of personality. When they see me coming, I can usually count on at least one of them meeting me at the gate inviting me to come join their corner of the world. Longsuffering likes to lean her head in next to mine as if she’s telling me secrets. She’s also great at keeping mine! Goldie likes all the attention and nibbling and pulling on strings. You’d better be on your guard if that string is a drawstring holdin up your skirt or pants! Lucy is sweet and kind. She doesn’t have to have the biggest and best leaves and she waits her turn for attention… content with what she is given. Many lessons to learn from Lucy!

   Goats are browsers, meaning they like to eat up off the ground. My girls are wonderful at cleaning up brushy areas and they love the overabundant kudzu in our area. Each week we move them to a new area for fresh forage. One thing we can usually count on when we move the goats is the path they’ve made by walking…Along the Fencerow.



   Other than drinking lots of chocolate milk, I’ve decided to make Goat Milk Soap and Lotion. One…as a way to cover the costs of owning goats; two…to share the nourishing goodness of goat milk with you. Other than reducing the toxic burden to our bodies by using all natural ingredients, goat milk is packed with many naturally occurring benefits including:

   -Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help remove dead skin cells from your skin, leaving  fresh, new cells on the surface;

   -Vitamins and Minerals that help maintain skin health; and 

   -Cream, or fat molecules, that gives that extra moisturizing boost.

   I don’t claim any “skin cures” because what you put IN your body is a huge part of skin health, but I invite you to try my soap and lotion yourself to see how your skin loves it.